Tom Klein, LEED Green Associate

livablestreets-alliance-10-year-interactive-map-wall_19146184862_o.jpg Project member Anne Sherman (center) and myself (left) interacting with attendees.

As a volunteer for the LivableStreets Alliance, I was asked to produce an interactive map wall for the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration at Aeronaut Brewery. The objective was to create a dialogue about the many commuting options and challenges Bostonians encounter on their daily commutes. Our team of active transportation advocates assembled an 8’x12′ map of the Boston metro and asked people to share with us their commute upon entering the celebration. Through the use of color coding, we were able to see the different ways people arrived and engage in conversation about it with them.

livablestreets-alliance-10-year-interactive-map-wall_19125757986_o.jpg The setting was a large outdoor landing near the front entrance of Aeronaut Brewery.

TOMK3842.jpg Many participants added comments about their commute.

livablestreets-alliance-10-year-interactive-map-wall_18964216350_o.jpg Participants shared alternative routes and personal experiences with each other.

livablestreets-alliance-10-year-interactive-map-wall_18531297673_o.jpg Project member Jonathan Cave (right) interacting with a LivableStreets member.

This exercise…

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