How Far From Home

There’s receiving-a-weekly-fluff-calendar-addressed-to-you-from-Instagram cool.
There’s bumping-into-your-favourite-celebrity-at-your-local-deli cool.
And then, there’s Berlin.

Although we only spent a couple days roaming the inner city neighborhoods, we were blown away with Berlin’s ahead-of-the-curve freshness. It’s as if the whole town has been painted over with a sleek design brush. Everything from the chic glass parliament buildings, to the intricate typography found on store signage. We couldn’t get enough.

Our day began with a cultural visit to the Berlin Wall. As children, we only read about this historical site, and it was a surreal experience to be surrounded by this powerful symbol of the world’s history. As both our families were directly affected by the war, the feelings we were left with that day, will stay with us forever.

Berlin | How Far From Home

In the afternoon, we were once again blessed to meet a fellow passionate Iger, @uwa2000 (holding our board, below), who was kind enough to spend…

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