Inspiring People in Creative Spaces

During BDW, we had the chance to tour Jen Lewin’s old studio and learn about her work. After interviewing her last year, my perception of “using technology as a medium” was completely altered and inspired me – in my own work – to further experiment with coding and not be afraid to pursue a creative technologist role.  Her work continues to encourage and display the harmony between engineering and the arts.  Now, Bill Goodrich and Jen are building The Studio, which will open on January 1st.  The photos are from early and late November, so the space was still under construction.  Thank you for your readership and please let me know if you have any recommendations for interviewees. – Cheers, Lauren

What is The Studio?

Bill : It is a curated collection of creatives.  The idea is to have a variety of creative folks all working in…

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